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Team Building At TopGolf: The Natural Choice For Corporate Events

Firms are often trying to think up cost-effective team building events that are different from the usual outings. Firms stuck for their next team building idea now have a cost-effective, all inclusive option at TopGolf’s three golf entertainment complexes in Chigwell, Watford and Addlestone. Employee engagement events might be seen by some as less important these days in the eyes of companies looking to cut costs following uncertain economic uncertainties research has shown that they actually become more important to get more out of employees. 

TopGolfEffective team building has been found to boost business earnings by as much as 18%. As far back as 2009, the Gallup Management Journal (GMJ) was advising businesses that in a difficult economy, engaging employees is more important than ever as it can give productivity the edge a business needs to survive. The GMJ found that those firms with a ratio of four or more engaged employees to each disengaged colleague were rewarded with 2.6 times more earnings per share growth (compared to those that had less than one engaged worker for every disengaged employee). And the 25% of firms with the highest levels of employee engagement achieved 18% more earnings than the bottom 25% in the same scale. 

TopGolf are one of sports latest ‘lifestyle success’ stories, operating at three UK and four USA locations. The companTopGolfy regularly hosts corporate entertainment events and team building, including office and Christmas parties plus client entertainment facilities both day and night. Their facilities are also popular for business networking events, conferences and meeting. Each location offers the TopGolf game itself, allowing all ages and abilities to enjoy a custom designed, team orientated game - perfect for both non-golfers and pros alike. Innovative state of the art technology allows you to use climate controlled comfortable bays to hit a golfball containing your personalised microchip into one of eleven targets. Each bay has a screen for scoring, allowing you to stay out of bad weather and enjoy the relaxed and sociable atmosphere. You also have a team of ‘caddies’ serving food and drinks directly to the bay from the popular restaurant menu. Invented by golf aficionados, the game now has around 7 million followers worldwide. Events can be custom designed around your needs, accommodating every size and shape of group. TopGolf

“Absolutely everyone can get into it; it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before or if you’re already an accomplished golfer. It’s been a huge success for corporate events, since the most important aspect is the social aspect; it really helps to strengthen bonds between participants in a more natural, relaxed way,”

To talk to TopGolf about designing your next team building day, meeting, conference or networking event, call the team on (01932) 858551 for Addlestone (Surrey); or (01923) 222045 for Watford (Hertfordshire); for on (020) 8500 2644 for Chigwell (Essex). Details can also be found online, including the photo gallery, full downloadable guide to planning your corporate events and FAQs at


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