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Odyssey Golf has introduced a striking new putter featuring the most radical headshape in golf, the White Hot XG® Sabertooth™.

The key to the Sabertooth’s aggressive on-green presence and performance is its high-density Dual Fangs to position more weight to the outer-most limits, helping keep the putter on-line for deadly accuracy.

Aiming Channels inside the fangs make lining up putts easier, while the multi-layer White Hot XG insert, Oddyssey's most popular and most responsive, generates soft feel with fine-tuned responsiveness.

“Odyssey Golf is a hotbed of radical design and innovation, and the White Hot XG Sabertooth is not only eye-catching in appearance, it has some of the most compelling performance benefits of all our putters,” said Neil Howie, Callaway Golf Europe Managing Director. “Once bitten, you’ll be hooked by the Sabertooth’s wicked design and performance.”



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